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Where we started

From 1971 to today, El Maleka strived to be one of the leading suppliers in Egypt and the Arab region as we started from its roots in manufacturing steel conduit pipes in the market till it moved into electricity field. More than 40 years in the market, El Maleka has become one of the largest electric suppliers in the Egyptian market. Discover more about El Maleka’s transformation below.

In 1971: El Maleka was founded by Mr. William Farag; he was the first in manufacturing steel conduit pipes in the market

In 1994: Mr. Magdy William decided to open a new branch, and started to enlarge El Maleka into electricity market. We were one of the largest distributors for Benedikt and Jager ,Telehase,FujiCare and Gewiss; while some of these brands have disappeared over years, their products have built the foundations for El Maleka company; As it became distributor for more multinational manufactures like Telemecaniqe,Schyller,Merlin gerin , Square D ,Saip,Cembre,Bonomi, and Klauke.

In 2001: El Maleka was selected to be an official distributor to Schneider electric Egypt.

In 2002: we opened a new branch in Hurghada.

In 2005: we opened Queen general contracting L.L.C. in Dubai which helped us to get involved in many projects there like Dubai mall, Ruwais train station, etc...

In 2011: Eng. William Magdy decided to continue our business as a main distributor for more global brands like Lanzini, Olan, and Elca besides being one of the special retailers for Schneider Electric.

In 2014: El Maleka Company became an official Wholesaler to Siemens Technology AG for CP products.

In 2016: El Maleka Company became an official distributor to Siemens Technology AG for variable speed drives; in addition to, opening a new department for installation and maintenance.

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