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Timing Relays for DIN rail mounting

Electronic timing relays are employed for all time-delayed switching
processes in control, starting, protection and regulation circuits.
It has elaborate operating concept and space-saving,compact design.

The 7PV15 timing relays are particularly suitable for applications in heaters, fans, air conditioning systems .
Application areas
ON delay
 1. Interference pulse suppression (gating of interference pulses)
 2. Successive motor starting to prevent mains overloads, etc.
OFF delay
 3.Generation of overtravel functions after disconnection of the control voltage (e.g. fan overtravel)
 4.Successively delayed disconnection of motors, fans, etc., for targeted system shutdown Star-delta
 5.Motor start-up with reduced starting current in star circuit.
 6.Switchover to delta operation for full motor power after adj. time.
 7.Short switchover break to prevent phase leakage with delayed contactor switching Multifunction
 8.Maximum flexibility: One device with wide-range supply for all time functions.


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