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3RP15 / 20

Timing Relays for DIN rail mounting 3UG4  monitoring Relay

The 3RP15 / 20 timing relays represent ideal timing devices for
manufacturers of industrial control cabinets, power distribution
boards and controls .
3UG451 / 461 / 463 and 3UG481 / 483 Monitoring Relays for line and single-phase voltage monitoring the 3UG4 monitoring relays provide a maximum degree of protection for machines and systems. They facilitate the early detection of line and voltage faults, allowing for their rectification before any consequential damage can occur.
 1.3UG4501 Monitoring Relays for level monitoring
 2.The 3UG4 monitoring relays also detect non-electrical parameters.

Our 3UG4501 level monitoring relays ensure reliable 1- or 2-point
control and the generation of alarm messages in case of overflow
or dry running on the basis of a simple principle: Almost all liquids
are conductive, which is utilized for the monitoring of filling levels.
Current flows as long as the probes are immersed in the liquid –once the probes fall dry no current flows.
Application areas
 1. 1- and 2-point level control
 2.Overflow protection
 3.Dry running protection
 4. Leakage monitoring

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