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Monitoring, Controlling and Switching

SIRIUS Relays One Range for Every Application

LZS Coupling Relays with plug-in relays

Plug-in relay couplers are available both as complete devices and
as individual modules for self-assembly or spare parts

The range is divided into three types: RT, PT and MT.Application areas:
  1.As coupling relay for galvanic isolation between field and input and outputs of electronic controls
  2. Contact multiplication

  3.Switching of small loads

As potential transfer switch LZS 25 Coupling Relays LZS:RT 1 or 2 CO contacts AC-1: 16/8 A Width: 15.5 mm LZS:PT 2,3 or 4 CO contacts AC-1: 12/10/6 A Width: 28 mm LZS:MT 3 CO contacts AC-1: 10 A Width: 38 mm Types

Your advantages
 1. Wiring without tools and vibration-proof connection thanks to innovative push-in spring-loaded terminals
 2. Base with logical separation for easy wiring
 3.Tested AC-15 and DC-13 switching capacity
 4.Available coil voltages: 24 V DC, 24 V AC, 115 V AC, 230 V AC
 5.Hard gold-plated contacts for optimum interaction with electronic controls

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